Florence School District One was asked what needs they have for abstinence education resources.  The school district revealed the need for a simplified curriculum for their Special Needs students. Consequently, USPIE proposed a two-phase project to do just that. The first phase was to work with Florence District One’s Special Needs teachers and Healthy Image of Sex (HIS) curriculum authors to adapt the curriculum to the needs of their students. Thereby, creating a sexual risk avoidance curriculum for youth who are vulnerable for pregnancy, disease, and sexual abuse due to their special circumstances. This is an innovative project much needed in South Carolina schools. 


Phase two begins with nearly two full days of training for Special Needs teachers of Florence District One followed by oversight and evaluation of the implementation of the new curriculum with 260 Florence School District One Special Needs students.

Research demonstrates that the most effective programs for reducing sexual risk-taking utilize instructors who believe in the approach and who have been trained. Therefore, United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) will train Florence School District One Special Needs teachers and oversee, and evaluate the implementation of the HIS: Making Healthy Choices sexual risk avoidance curriculum.  Parents and other adults who influence target youth will also be trained to support and direct youth to avoid sexual risks and wait for marriage.