United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) understands that community and parental involvement is essential to effectively directing teens to abstain from sexual activity.  


 88% of teens say parental communication would help them to avoid sexual activity (National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 2003).  


 According to the nationally renowned Adolescent Health Study, parents and families whose adolescent children perceive they disapprove of their being sexually active provide protection from early sexual intercourse (Blum et al., 1997). 


 When more South Carolina parents and other adults understand the influence they have over teen sexual health they will be better prepared and motivated to direct teens toward an abstinent lifestyle. 

 USPIE recognizes that many adults believe the “safe sex” message is the best we have to offer teens. With research-based training from national experts, targeted adults will understand the social, psychological, and health gains to be realized when teens avoid sexual activity.  

 The Think Truth Today Abstinence Education Program will influence teens to abstain from sexual activity by first educating and training the influential adults in their lives.  

 Research  demonstrates that the most effective programs for reducing sexual risk-taking utilize instructors who believe in the approach and who have been trained (Kirby, 2001). USPIE’s training will empower youth leaders and other trained adults to be effective instructors. 


Increase the number of adults and communities who are effective in communicating on sexual health topics and supporting high-risk youth.


 Increase the number of high-risk African American adolescents that postpone sexual activity, resulting in decreased teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. 


 USPIE suggests instruction for teens alone is not enough to curb the tide of teen pregnancy. In order to see lasting results and sharp declines in teen pregnancy rates, we must first educate adults. Well-meaning adults, including parents, lack the knowledge that will equip them to be active in the struggle to improve teen pregnancy rates.

The Think Truth Today Abstinence Education Program provides training, curriculum, and ongoing technical assistance and support. Youth leaders are trained to implement the Think Truth Today curriculum to high-risk youth.